brow waxing

Whether your preference is natural and low maintenance or high drama, Gina is adamant about working with your individual bone structure and facial features that you were born with. She’s a firm believer in “there is not a one-size fits all, cookie-cutter brow”.

On your first visit, she will evaluate your brows, chat with you about your goals, and together, come up with the most flattering solution. Gina uses a gentle hard, hypoallergenic wax to remove any excess hair. This wax minimizes any irritation and discomfort. Your brows are then perfected with a trimming and tweezing technique. If you prefer not to wax, you may request tweezing and trimming only.

First time brow wax with Gina  |  $65 

Maintenance (2-4 weeks)  |  $40

facial waxing

We all have unique needs and of course, some unwanted facial hair. Our gentle hard, hypoallergenic wax easily removes these hair with little or no irritation or discomfort.

lip  |  $17

chin  |  $20

sideburns  |  $25

nose   |  $15

face  |  $39* 
* lip/chin/sideburns