dramatic volume lashes


from natural to the dramatic

classic lash set
A great way to start your journey into extensions. This is a lighter, more natural looking set.

Classic Lash Set  $199
Classic Lash Fill (1 week)  $75
Classic Lash Fill (2 weeks)  $85
Classic Lash Fill (3weeks)  $95

hybrid lash set
A true "happy medium" this set is a combination both the classic and volume technique.

Hybrid Lash Set  $225
Hybrid Lash Fill (1 week)  $85
Hybrid Lash Fill (2 weeks)  $95
Hybrid Lash Fill (3 weeks)  $105

keratin lash lift
An alternative to lash extensions and false lashes, lash lifts give your natural lashes a long-lasting lift and curl

Keratin Lash Lift  $175

lash tint

Our brow and lash tints are special formulated and gentle enough to be used in these delicate areas of the face. 
Lash tinting is a great option for anyone who would like their natural lashes darker. A great choice for those who prefer not to wear mascara.
(results can last up to 10 days)

Lash Tint  $39

volume lash set
This set provides a fuller, fluffier look.

Volume Lash Set  $299
Volume Lash Fill (1 week)  $95
Volume Lash Fill (2 weeks)  $105
Volume Lash Fill (3 weeks)  $115

mega volume lash set
The most dramatic, FULL looking lash style!

MegaVolume Lash Set  $349
MegaVolume Lash Fill (1 week)  $115
MegaVolume Lash Set (2 weeks)  $125
MegaVolume Lash Set (3 weeks)  $135