haus rules

If you deliberately violate any of our terms and conditions, including our aftercare suggestions, we will be excluded from liability and we have the right to cancel any complimentary treatment in the future.

We reserve the right to refuse our services. Prices are subject to change at any time. If you have an existing cosmetic tattoo in the area where you wish to get a new tattoo, you must email us a picture to get it approved. Please email Failure to do so will result in a penalty (50% of the scheduled service price.)

Each new treatment is two sessions, one being the initial procedure and the touch-up session. This visit fills in any gaps that did not take from the first session. On the rare occasion, a client may need a third session due to having a skin type that is more resistant to the implantation of pigment or incorrect aftercare taken and will be charged accordingly.


The second session that is included is not to change the shape or color of initial treatment but if you wish to do so, please email to discuss. We cannot guarantee a successful result on 100% of our clients with problem skin. We do not offer refunds.

A free touch-up treatment is included in the price and should be booked at least 4-6 weeks from first treatment.


You are responsible for booking your appointment. Please do it in advance. Appointments scheduled 6 weeks after first treatment will be charged for a touch up session.


Minimum 7 days notice is required for rescheduling. Failure to give appropriate notice will result in a penalty (30% of the scheduled service price).


You must arrive on time. Arriving more than 20 minutes late will result in a penalty (30% of the scheduled service price) and loss of your appointment. Lateness delays the services and disrupts the schedule for other clients.

This will delay the technician’s schedule and wouldn’t be fair to those clients following.