Microblading eyebrow tattoo



Microblading technique results in the most natural-looking permanent eyebrows imaginable. Micro pigmentation (Microblading) is a safe, non-invasive procedure that produces semi-permanent results. Gina\’s technique will give the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly and mimic your natural brow hair along the brow bone.

***If you have an existing eyebrow tattoo. Please email Gina prior to booking appointment***

$750 *Plus tax, cash is preferred

Tattoo Consultation (Optional)
During this consultation, Gina will discuss with you the overall look you would like to achieve as well as your brow color and shape preferences. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and alleviate any concerns you may have before moving forward with the procedure.

Tattoo Complimentary Touch Up
After your first Microblading service, Gina provides a complimentary touch up. This is only for clients who have gotten their eyebrows done by Gina before. 

Complimentary Tattoo Touch Up
After Your First Microblading Service, Gina Provides A Complimentary Touch Up. This Service Is For A Third Touch Up And Is Only For Clients Who Have Gotten Their Eyebrows Done By Gina Before.   Starting At  $200

Henna Brow

Our HENNA BROW Pigments Are Made Up Of 99% Natural Plant Based Ingredients: The Other 1% Being A Micro Additive Which Opens The Hair Cuticle And Allows The Henna To Be Fast-Acting. It Uses NO AMMONIA, NO PEROXIDE, And NO CHEMICALS. Henna Thickens The Hair, Stimulates Hair Growth, And Has Antimicrobial Properties.

Those Who Are Considering Microblading On Their Eyebrows, HENNA BROW Is A Wonderful Go-To, To Ease You Into The Desired Shape And Have A Feeling Of What Your Brows Will Look Like After Microblading!

First Time $65
Maintenance $50

Brow Shaping With Brow Tint
Using A Custom Blended Dye, Your Brows Can Be Colored And Highlighted, Softened, Or Simply Can Add Warmth And Dimension. Tint Can Last Anywhere From 3-5 Weeks.
Starting At $50″Keratin Brow Infusion $100

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